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12 ways in which our online communities make the difference

Not all online communities are the same.

Mustard’s online communities are clearly different. When we say different – we really mean better. Our market research online community proposition stands apart from others – not just in terms of what we do, but how we do it.

creative online community

Travel leisure trends - a snapshot

In their third of her trilogy of leisure themed blogs, Laura Lyon shares some of her observations and insights from the leisure travel sector. 

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In-home leisure trends - a snapshot

To coincide with the launch of our Leisure Time & Travel Snapshot Report, senior research manager - Laura Lyon - pulls out some of the more pertinent in-home leisure trends to have recently emerged.

A couple of months ago I shared some trends emerging from our research into how people are spending their leisure time. The focus of the blog post was out of home leisure trends, now let’s talk in home leisure trends…   

Out Of Home Trends In The Leisure Sector – A Snapshot

Laura Lyon provides a perspective on why monitoring and understanding trends is paramount for organisations to remain relevant.

Experience over product

In recent years there has been a drop in spending on products and a boom in spending on experiences.

Power to the People. Power to the Facts!

Irina Dimitriade shares her views on what has been a turbulent few weeks in Western politics, and the implications for market researchers in a “post-truth” society.

It’s been an “interesting” few weeks.

So, when will The Apprentice stop badmouthing Market Research?

Victoria Bennett, research manager, discusses the bad rep market research seems to be getting in TV lately and gives a step by step guide into getting market research right.

It’s that time of the year again (don’t worry Bethan, this is not a Christmas blog…) – the nights are getting longer and colder, we’re bunking down and watching more TV, and market research is getting its annual bas

One size (does not) fit all

Hannah Barnsley, research executive at Mustard, reflects on the year’s retail figures and the possible reasons behind the disappointing results seen by some of the bigger department stores.

That packet of biscuits

Bethan Turner, research manager, talks #traingate and how an office debate helped highlight the importance of acknowledging preconceptions in research.

Everyone who hasn’t been hiding under a rock these past few days has heard all about the mess that Jeremy Corbyn, current leader of the Labour party (although for how long nobody knows!) has got himself into with #traingate.

Pennies for your (positive) thoughts?

Bethan Turner, research manager at Mustard, shares her recent experience of being incentivised to leave positive feedback whilst lunching, and raises her concerns as to what impressions such practices leave on the research industry as a whole.

I recently trudged all the way across a very wet Manchester city centre (nothing new there) to a healthy fast food kitchen I’ve been

Housing Associations and Universal Credit – a time for trend spotting

Anthony Shephard, associate director at Mustard, argues why the introduction of Universal Credit means it's more important than ever for Housing Associations to monitor awareness, perceptions and behaviour in the areas of budgeting, affordability and payments.