The Really Useful research company [Vol. 1]

Our business is founded on Making a Difference.

Everything we do makes a direct and tangible difference for our clients and their customers. That premise is our beating heart.

We are the Really Useful Research Company.

With that in mind, we thought we'd share some really useful stuff, like our REALLY USEFUL Nat Rep checker (for the UK).

Really useful Nat Rep checker

And like our REALLY USEFUL sample robustness calculator (at the 95% interval). 

Really useful sample robustness calculator

We've got loads more where this came from. Really useful trends data, really useful techniques for understanding behaviour and perceptions, really useful people who obsess about making a difference.

This shared obsession is what has helped us win multiple awards, leading the way in research design, innovative methods and analysis / interpretation of data.

Our insights are action-focused, and grounded with logic and context.

We hope you'll find us (and our web content) really useful.