What we do

Customer acquisition and retention

Mustard specialises in Customer Acquisition and Retention. Our insight helps clients acquire and retain their precious customers. We provide commercial and strategic market segmentations, and Usage & Attitude (U&A) surveys to understand decision making and customer behaviour.

We help clients understand product/service usage, attitudes and behaviours

We help clients understand underlying needs and motivations, and assess how well the product/service offer is aligned to these

We help clients explore and understand the decision making process – the triggers, drivers and barriers across multiple stakeholder groups

We help clients prioritise and target by delivering commercially strategic and value-led customer and market segmentation models

We deliver insightful, pragmatic recommendations on how to maximise sales / acquisition and minimise churn among priority segments

 Mustard customer retention / acquisition


Usage and Attitude surveys (U&As) and market segmentation research (both quantitative and qualitative) are core territory for Mustard, and where we can easily demonstrate our own brand in action – making a difference and enabling better, more informed decision making.

We have the insight, analytics, empathy and nouse to deliver market segmentations that work, and we have the tools and know-how to help embed them into the business.