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...The difference

Mustard is a research agency built for the real world. We use the best mix of methods, thinking, technology and storytelling to make the difference for our clients.

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making the difference

What the hell does that mean? It’s all about having a proper impact for our clients. Strategically. Commercially. Obsessively. Consistently.

We could pat ourselves on the back and tell you how good we are at doing that. But that would be a bit boastful now wouldn’t it. And that’s not like us.

We’d rather let our clients tell you…¬†

it could be you

If you’ve bothered to read what our clients say, that’s GOT to sound interesting and exciting, hasn’t it? (If you haven’t read what they say, what are you even doing here? Scroll up!).

So if you are interested. Or you’re excited. Or both. Give us a shout! We could be making the difference for you, and YOU could be saying similar things!

Especially if you operate in one of those sectors below where we work the most (give them a click to find out more). And if you don’t work in one of these, click “Others”. We’d bank on it that we’ve made a difference in your sector too.

so, what do you need?

You’re here aren’t you. You must need to know SOMETHING?

Well the good news is that we can help you.
How can we differentiate our brand? We’ll show you.
How are our ads performing? We’ll measure it.
Where’s the growth? We’ll tell you.
Will our new idea sell? We’ll find out.
What do our customers think of us? We have the t-shirt.

You can find out more about what do over there.

We help you understand your market, who to target, and how to do it.

Typically we’re doing things like

  • Customer & market segementations¬†
  • Usage & attitude studies
  • Exploring needs
  • Understanding key drivers

We help you understand how to develop the most effective brand strategy.

Typically we’re doing things like

  • Establishing brand positions
  • Testing creative propositions
  • Measuring awareness & understanding
  • Evaluating brand health

We help you understand how to maximise your customer experience.

Typically we’re doing things like

  • Measuring customer satisfaction/NPS
  • Defining customer journeys
  • Evaluating UX
  • Understanding key drivers

We help you optimise your offer and drive increased sales.

Typically we’re doing things like

  • Informing NPD and innovation
  • Evaluating proposition demand
  • Prioritising features and functionality
  • Determining optional price points

we think, therefore we are

Deep. But you’ve got to be. You don’t make the difference by sitting in your bubble, do you? We’re always thinking. We’re always learning. We’ve always got an opinion.

It might be societal. It might be technological. It might be cultural. It might be commercial. It might be theoretical. It might be methodological. We’ve ALWAYS got an opinion.

Here’s what we’ve been thinking about recently…