Market Research & AI: Top 5 Tips

Anthony Shephard-Williams shares his thoughts on how best to deal with change as a result of the emergence of AI tools in the market research industry

Unwrapping the Magic: Spotify & Shareable Data

Joe Stanley, Research Manager at Mustard on how Spotify wrapped may have influenced the way we present data. It’s the most wonderful time of the year. No, not Christmas… Spotify Wrapped season! Not, “what did you get for Christmas this year?” but, “who were your top artists this year?”. More “what were your top 5 songs?” than “what are your top 5 Christmas dinner foods?”. That time of year where we get to see (and judge!) what everyone’s been listening to most. I love it. And I love that it is something that others enjoy sharing across their channels to give all their friends, family and followers a little window into their life.

Can Black Friday Ever Be Green?

Rebecca Harris, Research Director at Mustard on the harmful effects of Black Friday on the planet, and how retailers are turning towards for sustainable measures.

Winning the Hearts & Wallets of the UK

Mustard’s David Hickson decodes travel and leisure behaviours through 2023 and beyond. Time and money are two of the most precious commodities for UK households. What does this mean for the UK leisure sector, one where consumer spending is (rightly or wrongly) often considered as discretionary?.

Manchester: A Northern Powerhouse of Fashion

Paris, London, New York, Milan. When someone asks which cities rule the fashion industry, the “Big Four” usually spring to mind. Marking their territory, with everything from production, fashion houses, to some of the biggest retail stores – the existence of fashion within those cities is partly the reason why they are sought-after destinations. But among the big contenders, Manchester, a city with just under three million inhabitants, has quickly established itself as one of the UK’s most important style hubs, and the gleaming HQ to some of the globe’s most lucrative online fashion brands.

Lurkers, experts and the types of research community participants

In his latest blog, Anthony Shephard-Williams (director) explores the different types of online community research participants he has encountered. Over the last decade Mustard has conducted hundreds of online research community projects, giving us access to (and a better understanding of) the lives of many thousands of research participants.

AI and the impact on qualitative research

What could Artificial Intelligence do for qualitative research? That’s a big question, to which there are few definitive answers. We decided to put it to the test and find out. Our findings might surprise you… Here is the executive summary from our thought leadership report “Risks, Rewards and the Human Factor – An Experiment in Generative AI and the Art of Qual Research”.

Higher Education: EVERYTHING has Changed

Mustard’s David Hickson on the strategies being adopted by higher education institutions as they seek an antidote to the ‘perfect storm’. When the then Education Secretary Nadhim Zahawi announced in March 2022 the Government’s proposed crackdown on “Mickey Mouse” degrees and a requirement for HEIs to publish drop-out and graduate employment rates, it felt like yet another blue touch paper was being lit within the UK’s already besieged HE sector.

Making the difference to the region’s young people

Mustard is delighted to share the headlines from the 2023 survey on behalf of its client – Trading Standards North West. Mustard exists to make a difference, and the Mustard research team is immensely proud of the latest Trading Standards North West survey results. The data proves we are continuing to make the difference for our clients and their stakeholders, with the number of young people smoking in North West region falling to a record low..

Lilt: The totally tropical waste

Andrew Wiseman looks at the decision to axe the Lilt brand, and why we shouldn’t be surprised. This week, Coca-Cola brought the curtain down on Lilt after 48 years, with the iconic soft drink being re-badged as Fanta Pineapple & Grapefruit. In the 70s and 80s, Lilt was very much part of pop culture, and known for its advertising, which gave us both the ‘Lilt Man’ and the ‘Lilt Ladies’.