Where we

Did we mention we’ve been doing this all over the world for over 30 years now? Ohhh, stop it… we know, we know… we don’t look that old do we!?

As you can imagine, we’ve done A LOT of work in that time across more sectors than we can probably name. There’s four where we work more than others we’d like to tell you about though…

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guy at a cash machine

Financial Services

We’ve worked with them all
High street banks. Disrupters. Most of the major insurers. Pension providers. Lenders. Advisors. Tech solutions.

We’ve researched them all
B2B. B2C. Young. Old. UK. Global. Financially challenged. High net worth. Brokers. Providers. Multi-nationals. SMEs.

We’ve covered it all
Audience. Brand. Experience. Product.

We’re accredited.
Hellios / FSQS (Financial Services Qualification System).

see what they say...

“Their research helped us gain confidence to develop a strategy which will help us to continue to grow and deliver great outcomes for our customers.”

Head of Sales Optimization

“We have saved in excess of £2m throughout this year by introducing the new switch functionality which came out of Mustard’s research”.

Aviva UK Life
Research Manager

“Our brand tracker has become a vital tool within the marketing department. The business has seen YOY improvements on a number of our brand KPIs.”

TPT Retirement Solutions
PR Manager


The UK supermarkets industry is worth over £210bn.

You want a bigger slice of that, don’t you.

We can help.

We’ve got a BIT of experience with manufacturers

Soft drinks. Meal kits. Cooking ingredients. In-store bakery. Veg. Seafood. Beers, Wines & Spirits. Packaged loaves. Cakes, Crips & Snacks. Tinned foods. Vegan. Gluten Free. Fresh meat. Confectionery. Condiments. On-the-go… do we need to go on?

We’ve also helped multiple grocery retailers

Geddit? The big boys. The specialists. The premium focused. The deal orientated. Wholesalers. From the shop floor to the boardroom table. We’ve been there.

We’ve covered it all

Audience. Brand. Experience. Product.

A woman in a shopping trolley

“The insights have made a huge difference across our business; a more defined comms strategy, more considered NPD pipeline and enabling us to have more informed discussions with Category Managers.”

Marketing Manager

“As a result of the research, we are now a better presented business with a clean plan in place, and the research was money well spent.”

Skinny Brands

“The research feedback has provided invaluable insight which has allowed us to focus on the most important areas and reduce the risk associated with key commercial decisions.”

Seabrook Crisps
Head of Marketing
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We’ve worked with them all
Retailers & manufacturers. High St & online. Mass market & niche. Established & disruptors. Premium & value.

You sell it, we’ve probably covered it
Fashion & Sportswear. Make-up & Haircare. Cats & Dogs. Kitchens & Bogs. Beds & Sofas. Trainers & Loafers. Christmas & Easter. Fridges & Freezers. And lots of other stuff we can’t make rhyme.

In fact, we probably know it inside and out
We’ve got people who’ve been in-house. Boohoo. Boots. Very. Studio.

We’ve covered it all.
Audience. Brand. Experience. Product.

“Mustard gathered rich insight from our customers that was invaluable in shaping our strategy for the year ahead… and on a quick turnaround!”

Senior customer and MR Exec

“Mustard have helped inform our strategic decision making, maximising the value and application of insight.”

N Brown Group
Customer Insight Lead

“They have made such a difference bringing our customer to life and feeding them into our strategic decisions.”

Studio Retail Ltd.
Head of Marketing

Leisure & Tourism

There’s plenty of things you can do. We’ve covered it.
Theme Parks. Entertainment attractions. Pubs, Bars & Restaurants. Art galleries & Museums. Hotels & Resorts. Heritage sites & National Parks. Music. Cinema. Football. Rugby. Racing. Zoos. Board games. Bingo.

There’s lots of places to go. We’ve researched them.
UK. Channel Islands. Europe. Middle East. Asia. North America. South America. Australasia.

We’ve helped those who promote them.
Tourist boards. Local authorities. Charities. Regulatory bodies. Media companies. PR agencies.

We’ve covered it all
Audience. Brand. Experience. Product.
riding a bike
“The team had the commercial intellect we needed to bring a private sector lens to the work via the stakeholders we brought together. We’re working with the industry to deliver change.”
Head of Business Support Transformation

“We were left in no doubt as to which of the proposed brand stories was resonating the most, informing the optimum approach for effectively communicating the proposition.”

Head of Customer Marketing

“Mustard have helped deliver evidence-based decision making to our consumer marketing.”

Insights & Evaluation Manager
looking through a book selection

Other sectors

Yes, we spend MOST of our time working in the four sectors above, but that doesn’t mean we spend ALL our time there.

We’re regularly making the difference in:
  • Building & Construction
  • Healthcare & Pharma
  • Charities
  • Higher Education
  • Housing
  • Professional Services
  • Travel & Transport

We’re also the preferred research partner for a range of marketing agencies covering strategy, brand, CX, UX, PR, design, advertising and digital / social marketing. Our clients in these areas will tell you more.

“The research has been so successful that it has attracted £600K in external funding to expand the service, enabling us to reach more people at a time of crisis.”

Design and Evaluation Insight Manager

“Mustard’s insights continue to have a positive impact for Home Group as an organisation and make a difference to the lives of our 113,00 customers.”

Home Group
Customer Insight Manager

“They highlighted where we need to improve which has helped us successfully shape our strategy.”

Marketing Manager