What we

We give you the best insight and thinking to help you make better decisions and develop difference making strategies.

Whether you’re B2C or B2B, we do that by giving you an improved understanding of your audience, brand, products or experience. And sometimes all four.

Our focus


We help you understand your market, who to target, and how to do it.

Typically we’re doing things like

  • Customer & market segementations 
  • Usage & attitude studies
  • Exploring needs
  • Understanding key drivers


We help you understand how to develop the most effective brand strategy.

Typically we’re doing things like

  • Establishing brand positions
  • Testing creative propositions
  • Measuring awareness & understanding
  • Evaluating brand health


We help you understand how to maximise your customer experience.

Typically we’re doing things like

  • Measuring customer satisfaction/NPS
  • Defining customer journeys
  • Evaluating UX
  • Understanding key drivers


We help you optimise your offer and drive increased sales.

Typically we’re doing things like

  • Informing NPD and innovation
  • Evaluating proposition demand
  • Prioritising features and functionality
  • Determining optional price point

“In working with Mustard, Manchester Pride was able to deliver its most extensive consultation with LGBTQ+ communities reaching thousands of LGBTQ+ people. We were able to build trust and confidence with the communities we support and represent and the findings have become embedded across every aspect of our organisation, changing the course of our delivery and enabling us to better impact the lives of LGBTQ+ people so that they can thrive.”

Manchester Pride
Head of Engagement

“We’ve used Mustard’s research in everything we do. It provided real clarity on how we position our brand and helped us to refine our messaging to appeal to our key target audiences. It’s also enabled us to move further along in our efforts to secure key accounts, who now feel more assured and get the brand and what we’re about. As a result of the research, we are now a better presented business with a clear plan in place, and the research was money well spent.”

Skinny Brands

“We recently partnered with Mustard on a user experience (UX) project to assess our website journey and identify ways of improving conversion rates amongst customers and prospects. We gained valuable insights into how we could improve the customer journey. We made several key changes as a result of the research and since implementation we have seen a 75% increased conversion rate in uploads for our 3D printing service and a 60% increase in live chats. The work Mustard carried out for us has really made a difference.”

Marketing Coordinator (Northern Europe)

“New Balance Football commissioned Mustard, recognising their wealth of experience in delivering quality insight enabling us to make more informed decisions within the product innovation & creation engine. The insight has formed a foundation to our product briefing process & creative function, ensuring that as we innovate our boots into the future, they’re fulfilling a targeted consumer need allowing our boots to perform at the highest level.”

New Balance Football
Category Manager