Yorkshire & Humber ADPH: Gambling Harm Prevention

Image of a man stressed and worried by his gambling addiction

An animation produced by Mustard following an extensive research study focused on understanding gambling influences and impacts (and how people can be helped). This animation (produced by Mustard Market Research Ltd.) provides a summary of an extensive programme of research and consultation amongst men in Yorkshire & Humber. The research focused on understanding gambling influences and impacts amongst at risk men (and how people can be helped)

GM Cancer Alliance: UI Programme Evaluation

Man walking near Piccadilly Manchester

What does a successful and effective Cancer User Involvement Programme look like and how can it be more diverse and work for everybody? The purpose of this research was to build on the many existing strengths of the Cancer UI Programme, whilst also looking forward to the future to ensure that it becomes a programme that ‘works for everyone’ and ultimately achieves better outcomes for people affected by cancer.

Manchester Pride: Pride in our Future

A sign from Manchester's Gay Village

This FREE to download report, published by Manchester Pride, provides recommendations for building a better Manchester Pride through community collaboration and co-design facilitated by Mustard in 2022.

Reimagining transport in the West Midlands

Tram Transport Birmingham West Midlands

Reimagining transport in the West Midlands. A FREE to download engagement summary report – published by Transport for West Midlands (TfWM) following research conducted by Mustard into the development of the Local Transport Plan (LTP).

Mapping the Patch: Shelter & Fair Housing Futures Research Report

Private rental sector (PRS) housing in Greater Manchester

Mapping the Patch & Tenants Voice Programme – Market Research Summary Report.

Shelter needed to have an informed understanding of the private rented sector in Greater Manchester to enable the Partnership Board to prioritise the issues that should be addressed by the Test and Learn Grants Programme. We consulted with tenants, landlords, housing officers and estate agents to understand the issues from all sides. Our findings shaped the four priority areas for the Test and Learn Grants Programme – a funding programme offered by the Nationwide Foundation to innovative initiatives looking to revolutionise the private rented sector in Greater Manchester.