Making the Difference to Mental Health

Mental health. It’s a topic that at last, is getting the attention it deserves. Slowly fading is the stigma, instead, being replaced with better understanding and more honest conversations about our physical counterpart. Mental health, whether it’s positive or negative, is something we all deal with daily, so its important to champion good mental health and provide the right support for the times when things aren’t so rosy.

At Mustard, we’re big on making the difference, and not just because it’s our mantra, but because we believe that what we do matters. Outside of our work, what matters is the team and the culture we have created here. We care about the wellbeing of our people and understand that mental health has no bias.

So, how do we make the difference? We’re not saying we’re perfect, but we certainly give it our all. Of course, we love to do fun things as a team. Whether that’s our Christmas getaways abroad, lunch or social activity outside of work hours, we thrive on spending time together and sharing new experiences. As for our office culture, creating a chilled space where people feel comfortable to work is important. Flexible hours and remote working, casual dress on office days – these are all things we offer, because we understand that a huge factor of poor mental health is trying to balance everyday life with work. So, if you need that extra hour to make an appointment? Go for it! Need to work from home or irregular hours due to child-care issues? No stress!

As great as all these things may be, they seem to be lacking one thing. Frank conversations about mental health and real support. We want our team to feel heard, outside all the noise of lunches and flexible work. Savvy, confident and real. That’s what we pride ourselves on. So how does this apply to mental health?


Our Mental Health First Aiders. Team members who are trained to recognise the signs and symptoms of common workplace mental health issues, and effectively guide that individual towards the right mental health support. Knowledgeable, supportive and imperative to the success of creating a healthy working environment.


Confident in our approach to tackling mental health. Encouraging our team to have the confidence to speak up about issues that may be bothering them, the confidence to have difficult conversations without the worry of judgement, the confidence to ask for help, or even just the confidence to shout about positive mental health.


We understand life isn’t always a walk in the park. We can’t make the difference if we don’t keep it real. Honesty, whether good or bad is one of our core values- and mental health is no exception to that. Its time to be real about a very real issue.

Mental health is important every day, not just on the days highlighted on the calendar. We like to think that we have created a safe space within Mustard, where everyone truly cares about each other, and a place where we have the resources and understanding to tackle mental health issues and provide the best support we can.

This year’s theme is ‘no mind left behind.’ Each year, 1 in 4 of us will experience mental health problems. Over 2 million people are waiting for NHS mental health services, and since 2017, the number of young people experience mental health issues has doubled. The fight for mental health continues. How are you going to make the difference?