Manchester: A Northern Powerhouse of Fashion

Paris, London, New York, Milan. When someone asks which cities rule the fashion industry, the “Big Four” usually spring to mind. Marking their territory, with everything from production, fashion houses, to some of the biggest retail stores – the existence of fashion within those cities is partly the reason why they are sought-after destinations. But among the big contenders, Manchester, a city with just under three million inhabitants, has quickly established itself as one of the UK’s most important style hubs, and the gleaming HQ to some of the globe’s most lucrative online fashion brands.

Mapping the Patch: Shelter & Fair Housing Futures Research Report

Private rental sector (PRS) housing in Greater Manchester

Mapping the Patch & Tenants Voice Programme – Market Research Summary Report.

Shelter needed to have an informed understanding of the private rented sector in Greater Manchester to enable the Partnership Board to prioritise the issues that should be addressed by the Test and Learn Grants Programme. We consulted with tenants, landlords, housing officers and estate agents to understand the issues from all sides. Our findings shaped the four priority areas for the Test and Learn Grants Programme – a funding programme offered by the Nationwide Foundation to innovative initiatives looking to revolutionise the private rented sector in Greater Manchester.