There’s something different about Mustard

Mustard has rebranded and has a new website. This news and blog post explains why.

There’s something new and different about Mustard. Picture the scene. You are looking at a generic meeting room. It’s probably called “Bilbao” or “Helvellyn” or something to artificially try and put the team in a more inspirational place than “Meeting Room 6”.

Market Research & AI: Top 5 Tips

Anthony Shephard-Williams shares his thoughts on how best to deal with change as a result of the emergence of AI tools in the market research industry

Weathering the Storm in Higher Education

The Higher Education sector in the UK is facing up to a multitude of short, medium and long-term challenges brought about by Brexit, the cost-of-living crisis and societal change. Being able to attract, engage and retain the right students has never been more important. Read on for recommendations on how the right insights can help you weather the storm.

Don’t talk about ESG

A row of bins

How to engage with UK households on issues related to environmental and social governance

Demand Spaces in Streaming Media

Streaming media

This FREE to download Mustard research report provides advice on how to use a Demand Spaces framework to gain and retain a competitive advantage within the streaming media space