There’s something different about Mustard

Mustard has rebranded and has a new website. This news and blog post explains why.

There’s something new and different about Mustard. Picture the scene. You are looking at a generic meeting room. It’s probably called “Bilbao” or “Helvellyn” or something to artificially try and put the team in a more inspirational place than “Meeting Room 6”.

Can Black Friday Ever Be Green?

Rebecca Harris, Research Director at Mustard on the harmful effects of Black Friday on the planet, and how retailers are turning towards for sustainable measures.

Levelling up in Physical Retail

We’re shopping online more than ever before, but many of us would actually prefer to shop in-store. At a time when many retailers are expanding their store estate, we highlight five things that they must do to thrive in bricks & mortar.

Leisure Intentions 2024: The Report

Understanding the Leisure Intentions of UK Households. A summary report into people’s behaviours, attitudes and future plans – and the implications for attractions and the wider leisure sector. Time and money are precious commodities. The UK leisure sector must embrace up-to-date consumer and market insight to remain at the forefront of what are exceptionally crowded consideration sets.

Lurkers, experts and the types of research community participants

In his latest blog, Anthony Shephard-Williams (director) explores the different types of online community research participants he has encountered. Over the last decade Mustard has conducted hundreds of online research community projects, giving us access to (and a better understanding of) the lives of many thousands of research participants.

AI and the impact on qualitative research

What could Artificial Intelligence do for qualitative research? That’s a big question, to which there are few definitive answers. We decided to put it to the test and find out. Our findings might surprise you… Here is the executive summary from our thought leadership report “Risks, Rewards and the Human Factor – An Experiment in Generative AI and the Art of Qual Research”.

Making the difference to the region’s young people

Mustard is delighted to share the headlines from the 2023 survey on behalf of its client – Trading Standards North West. Mustard exists to make a difference, and the Mustard research team is immensely proud of the latest Trading Standards North West survey results. The data proves we are continuing to make the difference for our clients and their stakeholders, with the number of young people smoking in North West region falling to a record low..

Don’t talk about ESG

A row of bins

How to engage with UK households on issues related to environmental and social governance

Demand Spaces in Streaming Media

Streaming media

This FREE to download Mustard research report provides advice on how to use a Demand Spaces framework to gain and retain a competitive advantage within the streaming media space