Leisure Intentions 2024: Museums & Galleries

Understanding the Leisure Intentions of UK Households. Exploring people’s behaviours, attitudes and future plans – and the implications for cultural destinations and the wider leisure sector. In Summer 2023, Mustard conducted a survey with a sample of n=638 UK consumers aged 18+. We set out to understand how consumers in the UK are navigating the cost-of-living crisis and the implications for the leisure and tourism sector in terms of attitudes, current behaviour and future intentions.

Leisure Intentions 2024: The Report

Understanding the Leisure Intentions of UK Households. A summary report into people’s behaviours, attitudes and future plans – and the implications for attractions and the wider leisure sector. Time and money are precious commodities. The UK leisure sector must embrace up-to-date consumer and market insight to remain at the forefront of what are exceptionally crowded consideration sets.

AI and the impact on qualitative research

What could Artificial Intelligence do for qualitative research? That’s a big question, to which there are few definitive answers. We decided to put it to the test and find out. Our findings might surprise you… Here is the executive summary from our thought leadership report “Risks, Rewards and the Human Factor – An Experiment in Generative AI and the Art of Qual Research”.

Higher Education: EVERYTHING has Changed

Mustard’s David Hickson on the strategies being adopted by higher education institutions as they seek an antidote to the ‘perfect storm’. When the then Education Secretary Nadhim Zahawi announced in March 2022 the Government’s proposed crackdown on “Mickey Mouse” degrees and a requirement for HEIs to publish drop-out and graduate employment rates, it felt like yet another blue touch paper was being lit within the UK’s already besieged HE sector.

Making the difference to the region’s young people

Mustard is delighted to share the headlines from the 2023 survey on behalf of its client – Trading Standards North West. Mustard exists to make a difference, and the Mustard research team is immensely proud of the latest Trading Standards North West survey results. The data proves we are continuing to make the difference for our clients and their stakeholders, with the number of young people smoking in North West region falling to a record low..

Weathering the Storm in Higher Education

The Higher Education sector in the UK is facing up to a multitude of short, medium and long-term challenges brought about by Brexit, the cost-of-living crisis and societal change. Being able to attract, engage and retain the right students has never been more important. Read on for recommendations on how the right insights can help you weather the storm.