There’s something different about Mustard

Picture the scene. You are looking at a generic meeting room. It’s probably called “Bilbao” or “Helvellyn” or something to artificially try and put the team in a more inspirational place than “Meeting Room 6”.

A market research agency (but they probably didn’t call themselves that. They probably said “insight” or “understanding” or something), has just finished their creds pitch.

They excitedly sit waiting for the client’s reaction.

The client leans forward. Mouth open. They are shocked. They are awe-struck. They are inspired.

Finally… the client speaks.

“So, tell me again, you’re a full-service agency who specialises in brand and customer understanding and measurement in MY sector? You do qual AND quant? You also have a trademarked approach to a standard method that’s better than other agencies? AND you have a team of flexible all-rounders and specialists?”

<The client wipes a tear from their eye and continues>

“I can’t believe it. Nobody has ever told me that before. Why WOULDN’T we want to work with you? Here’s a six-figure brief and you can have the PO number now.”

The client starts clapping. Their junior sidekick looks up from their empty notepad, hesitates, and then joins in. The agency high-five each other. The client hugs them and they all skip to the pub for a celebratory drink.

Spoiler alert. That didn’t happen. Well, the client reaction bit didn’t anyway.


The moral of this story is that it’s bloody hard to differentiate yourselves as a market research agency. Or insight agency. Or behavioural/human/cultural understanding agency. Or consultancy.

If you’re reading this, that means that you are on our website. Our new website. You might have noticed that our brand has changed. Our logo. Our colours. Our tone of voice.

Our emphasis has changed too. We’ve always used the “Making The Difference” slogan. That hasn’t changed because that’s exactly what we do. What’s different now though is that we wanted to put our clients more front and centre so they can tell you about it.

It’s all well and good us telling you, but when our clients tell you, you’d probably believe them more than us anyway?

There are 63 (sixty-three) quotes from clients talking about the positive impact we have had on their organisation. Strategically. Commercially. Obsessively. Consistently.

So what are you doing? Stop reading this and start reading them! Explore further to find out how we do it. We could be making the difference for you.

As for the fresh logo and colours? The old ones were dated. We’re not.

And the new tone of voice? Well, nobody likes bullshit do they? Especially us. We’d rather tell it like it is. Get to the point. Be confident. Be real.  

<The reader wipes a tear from their eye and applauds>